About the Creative

Graphic Designer and Art Director

As graduation approaches, many thoughts run across my mind: 
Am I ready to leave? Can they really make me leave? Do I still have time to learn to play the trumpet? Do I really need to know how to play the trumpet? What's next? Will I find a job? Will I need to know how to play the trumpet to find a job?
Everything may be currently up in the air upon graduation, but I'm excited to see where my journey takes me in these next few months. I've spent the past four years at Missouri State University dedicated to gaining knowledge and skills in graphic design. I'm so proud to know that I found my true passion in design as well as where I want my BFA in Graphic design to take me.
My involvement in different organizations in college have also led me to my passion for art direction. My mind tends to wander at times, as most creatives minds do, but when it comes to a project my brain takes off into a never ending spiral of ideas. Most importantly, I love the ability to take my knowledge of design and creative mind to create a polished product from an idea.
Upon graduation in May of 2017, I seek to begin my career with any opportunity to gain experience in graphic design and/or art direction positions. I have a great interest in the world of advertising as a scholarship recipient and student member of the American Advertising Association of Kansas City and would love the opportunity to become more involved throughout my career. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look through my work and would love the opportunity to connect on any of the forms below.
Live everyday creatively,

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